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Dan Forbes Music

Teacher Ms. Rebekah Frost shown below with current youngest student Sylas Oakley.

Dan's student Emily Batzloff plays Schubert's "Moment Musical".

Brother and sister Hugh and Eleanor Ford, ages 8 and 3, playing in video shown below. Adorable!

Dan's student Martin Dams, shown below. Great job!

  • Optional Fun Recitals with games offered twice per year. Yes, this has finally resumed, our next recital is November 2021.
  • ZOOM gathering events for groups of music students
  • Battle Creek Morning Musical Club allows you to meet students from all over and participate in club events as well as Festival at WMU.
  • Get your piano sounding good first with piano tuning and repair services.
  • No ruler bangers here! We believe learning music enhances life, and should be a joyful experience.
  • Great supplemental technology for tablets with lessons.
  • Discounts for multiple students.
  • Travel lessons available in certain areas on certain days.
  • Fun Summer Ensemble jam sessions and social music opportunities.
  • Unlimited makeups (ask for more details).
  • Songwriting classes available.
  • Progress reports available.
  • Annual Festival personal growth opportunities at WMU.
  • Learn classical, pop, folk, gospel, boogie woogie, jazz or video game music.
  • Learn a broad array of musical skills thus making music more enjoyable- sight reading, pitch identification, music history, theory, performance, improvisation.
  • Ages 4-79.
  • Openings M-F.
  • High marks for reputation.

Yes, music lessons improves grades and test scores! For adults, music keeps us young, keeps our minds sharper as we age.